“Israel is a terrorist state” – a Ukrainian politician.

The leader of the Republican Platform, the well-known Ukrainian journalist Roman Revedzhuk called Israel a terrorist state that has been committing genocide in Palestine for decades. He compares Israeli terrorism with Russian terrorism.

On October 7, 2023, he recorded a video message to Ukrainians to draw attention to the fact that today’s hostilities in Israel are an attempt by Palestine to defend itself against terrorism and genocide, which the Israelis have been perpetrating against the Palestinians for decades.

By Facebook: Roman Revedzhuk

Revedzhuk also noted that those who start wars and act unjustly must bear responsibility. He asks Ukrainians to think and remember how at the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, Israel closed the border to Ukrainians fleeing from the bombings. In this way, playing along with the Russian Federation.

The politician says that millions of Ukrainians were driven out of the country by the war, and therefore, under any circumstances, Israelis shouldn’t be allowed into Ukraine now. He published the relevant video on his Telegram channel and other social networks with words of wishes for victory for Palestine over terrorist Israel. It is worth noting, that in the comments on TikTok, the majority of Revedzhuk’s followers supported him.

Link: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMjHQwKa1/

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It should be reminded: In 2020, it became known that journalist Roman Revedzhuk, escaping from persecution and the threat of murder, fled to Switzerland, where he received political asylum. Revedzhuk is known for his position on Israel’s anti-Ukrainian propaganda on genocide issues. Because of this, he was repeatedly attacked by Russian media and representatives of Jewish organizations in Ukraine. Users of social networks expressed that Roman Revedzhuk was persecuted in 2019 after Volodymyr Zelenskyy came to the post of President of Ukraine, not only for criticizing the government but primarily for national reasons. After all, he repeatedly showed in his blogs how representatives of Jewish organizations in Ukraine and abroad spread false information about Ukrainians. Therefore, users of social networks say that Revedzhuk was persecuted by representatives of Jewish organizations based on his nationality as a Ukrainian. Recently, one of the materials on the “Vovchytsya” YouTube channel talks about what is dangerous Chabad organization. Revedzhuk says that the Chabad sect and their leaders in Ukraine are Ukrainophobes and have no place in the civilized world. Revedzhuk also has a principled position in the fight against the aggressive actions of various states. Thus, in 2021, he supported Azerbaijan and in an interview with the central Azerbaijani media, he stated that the return of its own territories from the occupation of Armenia is an act of establishing justice. In 2023, when Azerbaijan implemented the anti-terrorist measures in Nagorno-Karabakh, Revedzhuk expressed support. His position remains the same regarding Palestine and Israel.

In 2022, Roman Revedzhuk published the document “The Fifth Universal”. He is the author of a political ideology regarding the return of the monarchy in Ukraine. He fundamentally believes that the government in Ukraine should be elected among ethnic Ukrainians. Some pro-government media accused him of trying to seize power.

Palestine is a sovereign state

For reference: Israel fundamentally does not recognize the Holodomor as a genocide of Ukrainians, and the official representations of Israel constantly accuse the UPA and Ukrainians of collaborating with Hitler. Meanwhile, Ukraine long ago recognized the Holocaust as the genocide of the Jewish people and commemorates the victims annually. In Ukraine, there is one of the largest monuments to the victims of the Holocaust at the burial place in Babyn Yar.